February: The District completed regulatory approvals by the NM Office of the State Engineer, NM Environment Division, and NM Public Regulatory Commission.

April 1: The District completed the Asset Purchase using $2.5 million of its $4 million in funding from the New Mexico Finance Authority. It assumed ownership and operation of the water and wastewater system and ownership of the solid waste yard.


An election was conducted by the Lincoln County Clerk on January 10, 2005 which resulted in a favorable vote to form the district and election of a five-member Board. Judge Karen Parsons of the 12th District Court, officially ordered the District formed on January 19, 2005.

On July 14, 2007, the District, Club and Water Corp signed an Asset Purchase And Sale Agreement during a Town Hall Meeting. This was followed by presentations by Club Director Bob Allen and District Director Earl Adamy and a Question and Answer Session.

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On August 24, 2007, the District secured a commitment for $4,090,500 in financing from the New Mexico Finance Authority. The rate on the 20 year loan is just 2%! Subject to a favorable vote on the Asset Purchase and Sale Agreement by property owners and Club members; the financing will be used to acquire the water system from the Club, retire ALWC’s debt, and construct water system improvements.

The District has also secured a $25,000 Planning Grant from the New Mexico Finance Authority. Subject to a favorable vote on the Asset Purchase and Sale Agreement by property owners and Club members; the grant will be applied toward the cost of a Preliminary Engineering Report for improvements to the Distribution system. To-date, the District has secured nearly $100,000 in State grants.

On October 9, 2007, the District completed a referendum of Property Owners on the Asset Purchase and Sale Agreement which was approved overwhelmingly.

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Following a year of research by the Long Range Planning Advisory Committee, the LRPAC recommended to the ALG&CC Board and the Alto Lakes Water Corporation Board that they form a Water & Sanitation District to assume responsibility for providing water and sanitation services to the Alto Lakes community. This proposal was approved by both the ALG&CC and ALWC boards. It was then presented to the boards of all major Club and Community organizations. AMGA, ALGA, ALPOA, the Architectural Control Committee and the Greens Committee endorsed the proposal

During the spring of 2004, the Membership was asked to vote on whether the Club should proceed with formation of a Water & Sanitation District.

ALWC Presentation – Jan 14, 2004
LRPAC Town Hall Presentation – Feb 21, 2004

92% of the members who voted, supported formation of the district.

Once the Club Board approved formation of the districts, there were a number of statutory requirements which had to be met. The Alto Lakes Property Owners Association (ALPOA) played a critical role in obtaining the petitions required to initiate the formation process. Another critical part of the the process for the Water &Sanitation District was the Lincoln County Special Districts Commission hearing to determine if the formation of the District was in the best interests of Alto Lakes and surrounding communities. Earl Adamy and Dan Knorr made the presentation on August 26, 2004.

Presentation to Special Districts Commission – August 26, 2004
Minutes of Special Districts Commission