Board Meetings

The Board holds regular meetings at the District Offices on Lakeshore Drive in Alto at 9:00 am on the 4th Thursday of each month. (Please check the current notice and agenda available online or at the District Office for meeting schedule and agenda.) All Alto Lakes property owners, regardless of residency, are invited to attend and participate in meetings.

June 2020 Agenda
May 2020 Board Meeting Minutes
Resolution 2019-04 Open Meetings
Alwsd-FY2020 Notice Of Hearing – Final Budget
Resolution 2018-04 Election Proclamation
Board elections are held in early January of even numbered years
Meeting Notices and Minutes – Current and Archived
Notice of Right To Inspect Records

Board of Directors

Dan Knorr, Chairman (Jan 2024 – Position #5)
George Holmes, Vice Chairman (Jan 2022 – Position #2)
Gary Parker, Secretary (Jan 2020 – Position #1)
Roy Webb, Treasurer (Jan 2020 – Position #3)
Anne (Nicki) Foreman (Jan 2022 – Position #4)


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District Bylaws