Current Water Hardness: 75

Leak Credit Policy:(Ordinance 2008-01 Section 6-Q)

Limitation: no more than one Leak Credit shall be allowed in any calendar year.

Reference Period: Month same as leak month for up to the three most recent years the customer has owned the house. If the customer has owned the house for less than one year, the average of the two months previous to the leak month shall be used.

Reference Gallons: Monthly average of the gallons billed during the Reference Period.

Eligibility: Gallon billed for one month exceeds three (3) times the Reference Gallons.
The customer must write a letter requesting the credit including a detailed description of the leak and a copy of the plumber’s bill showing the leak has been repaired.
The District Board must authorize all leak credits. Leak credit adjustments will be computed by subtracting Reference Gallons from the gallons billed for the adjustment period and multiplying the difference by the current rate associated with the highest rate tier applied during the Reference Period.

Consumer Confidence Report
Alto Lakes 2022 CCR

Sequestration: The addition of sequestering agent has been reduced. Initially sequestration was introduced for Iron and Manganese control, with the completion of Water Treatment Phase I in April 2011 the need for Iron and Manganese control has been removed; However, consulting engineers have recommended continued low dose of sequestering agent for corrosion protection of metallic fitting within the distribution system. District will follow engineer guidelines and feed sequestering agent at a very reduced dose.